Francisco O'Neill - President  *  Jack Stewart - Vice President  *       James Dublin - Recording Secretary  *  Ed Conklin - Treasurer

Executive Board Members: Christopher Moreda, Rodney Isaac, Randy Bayne 

Local 167
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Breaking News:

SB 1036/HB-25 Shelved (for now...)

This bill was designed to DE-CERTIFY any Public Sector Union that did not have 50% of the total number of workers in the Bargaining Unit. AFSCME and The Florida Labor Unity Table defeated this attack on Worker's Rights for another year, but this Union is prepared for when the enemies of Florida's Workers try to steal our right to work together, for the betterment of all.  

This Is Your Local! Support It!

  Contract wager re-opener negotiations completed. All trades minimum and maximum pay scale bumped up beginning September 1st 2019, minimum wage increase to $13.79 beginning October 1st 2019. Everyone with an EOT evaluation over 3. 0 will receive a 3% pay increase on first full pay period January 2020.
Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations schedule for March 2020.

As the Union advances, we renew our pledge to 

  represent Employees who
  deliver Public Service for the Citizens of Hillsborough County, Florida:

From Health Care Providers, Sanitation Workers, Water Professionals, Roads & Streets Specialists, Parks, Maintenance Professionals, and more.

For these workers, AFSCME Local 167, will always advocate fairness in the workplace, excellence in Public Service and prosperity and opportunity for all working families.




Collective Bargaining Is The Path
To A Better Way Of Life

Thank You For Your Support!

Our Local 167 is committed to a very simple Rule:  " WE STAND TOGETHER "

Any Questions? Contact President Francisco O'Neill
(813) 591-7590, ( 
or Vice President Jack Stewart (813) 539 - 5816.

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