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                                             Time does not heal everything but
                             Acceptance will heal everything.

I am a member of AFSCME Florida Council 79, Local 167. I am requesting my right as granted under U.S. Supreme Court " Weingarten" decision to have a Union Representative present during this meeting because I reasonably believe that it may result in disciplinary action against me or impact my personal working conditions. If my request for representation is denied, I may refrain from answering accusatory questions until such time as I am properly represented.


Tuesday January 29th, 2019

Hillsborough county's legislative delegation voted unanimously to completely dissolve Civil Service Commission without a proposed replacement.

          All county employees had the ability to appeal  disciplinary action to the Civil Service Commission 

The delegation's recommendation will be introduce at the next state-wide legislative session. The Commission is expected to dissolve in 2019.

AFSCME employees are guaranteed the right of a fair grievance procedures that ends in final and binding arbitration.

The legislation to dissolve the Civil Service Commission has no specific replacement.

Protect Your Rights. Protect Your Contract. Join The Union. 

Good and exciting things to happen this year with Council 79. 

Join us to help guide the direction of the fastest growing union in Florida. AFSCME Florida is holding a series of town halls statewide for members to review our updated constitution and discuss overcoming the challenges facing Florida workers in public services. AFSCME members are invited to weigh in on the new amendments as we enter a new era of fighting for fairness in the workplace for all working families that make Florida happen everyday.
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