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To: All Bargaining Unit Members of Local 167 Hillsborough County, keeping you informed and up to date with state legislative bills and updates as they happen

2017 Legistative Update
Week 1 & 2
Jacqui Carmona

Decertification Legislation  -  House Bill(HB11/SB1292

The House heard the public employee union decertification legislation this week which was voted on largely on party lines.  Most of the committee members felt that providing the information to the state on the number of employees in the barganing unit and the number of those that were dues paying members was not really so much of an issue, but the decertification part was where they were hesitant to support.  AFSCME is working with Senate Leaders to stop the bill.  As of right now, the Senate bill has not been assigned to four committees, a long route.  Ita first committee referral is chaired by Senator Montford, who has been a friend of labor, we are working to stop this bill in first committee.  As far as the House, it will have one more stop before its heard on the floor.

Local Government Participation in the FRS - House Bill(HB353/SB428)

Local municipalities that participate in the FRS would not be allowed to enroll new hires into a defined benefit plan and they would have to select an investment plan.  The Senate Bill had its first hearing this past week(3/6/2017), and passed on a party line vote.  It has two more committee stops before the floor.  The house bill has not yet been heard in any committees and has three stops before the floor.

Local Regulation Preemption  -  House Bill(HB17/SB1158)

While the House and Senate version of this legislation is not identical, they seek to regulate trade, commerce and labor and preempt ordinances passed at the local level if the municipality does not have express authorization in the Florida Statutes to regulate those issues.  This would really do away with citizen participatory governments as we see them now and the legislation is very broadly written with major impacts.  I would expect that all wage ordinances would be preempted by this broad legislation.  The House Bill passed its first committee on a party line vote and has one more stop before the floor.  The Senate Bill - while not identical - has not been heard in its first committee of reference and has three stops before the floor.

State Group Insurance Program - House Bill(HB7007/SB900)

For the pass several sessions, Rep. Jason Brodeur, has led the effort to reform state employee health insurance but has been unsuccessful.  His proposal(HB7007) would alloy employees to choose from a four-tier array of insurance offerings.  The state would have provided per-employee subsidy, but workers could choose a cheaper policy and use the excessfunding for extra benefits.  Last week(3/14/2017) this bill passed the House Appropriations Committee vote with 18 yeas and 9 nays.  The Senate companion just recieved its committee references - it has a lengthy route(four), so we are hopeful that it will die in the Senate.  We anticipate that the house will take this up on the floor before April 2017.

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